Adulteration and Alterations

With just about everything we eat and drink being altered from its natural raw state through massive processing and manufacturing, boiling, homogenization, pasteurization, microwaved, irradiation and who knows what else, is it any wonder the pharmaceutical industry is making a killing on their commercialized drugs?

What Is My Body Trying To Tell Me?

If your food and drink does not supply the nutrients your body is made up of, which raw, real foods do, you will not function at even a satisfactory level. You will have complications going on in your body that you will not be able to understand or figure out how to fix. It would be like trying to make orange juice without using oranges.

Saturation & Manipulation

The drug industry has consumed the airwaves with advertising and marketing campaigns through print, tv, the internet and cell phones like no industry has ever done in peddling their wares – their drugs. They are coming out with new drugs for new diseases in record breaking numbers. And what are they offering you? Synthetic and artificial drugs. And why are so many new diseases coming out? Because the bulk of what we put in our bodies is not based from real food.

Synthetic Verses Organic

Why would you want to put synthetic drugs in an organic body?

Heavily concentrated substances can easily throw organs and systems in your body out of balance if they do not have the necessary complimenting nutrients to counterbalance.

That is what is so different about getting your food and drink in as natural state as possible. Naturally grown substances provide a well balanced set of nutrients that is much easier for your body to digest, assimilate and benefit you in many ways – to make your body hum along as it was designed to.

Baker's Cake

To better describe this balance, you know it takes specific amounts of certain ingredients to make a good looking and very tasty cake. If you think you can put any amount of anything in the cake mix, the cake will not look or taste good, and it may not even be edible. You may not even be able to frost it.

You can not make a cake with just sugar, or just butter, or just eggs, or just flour. When you follow a well thought out recipe, you will end up with something well worth eating.

Making Snake Oil

When it comes to prescription drugs, scientists typically search nature for an herb, a part of a tree, a root, or some other natural substance that gives very good benefits when properly consumed. Since nature can not be patented; not yet anyway; the scientist isolates a particular substance or compound and figures out a way to synthesize it, which means turning it into something artificial and unnatural; and then turns it into a high dosed concentration, and then forms it into a pill of some kind. At this point, they can then patent it.

The Avocado

Let us look at this another way.

An avocado. Depending what kind of soil the tree is grown in; how much sunlight and water it gets; and how well the tree is taken care of; these and other factors will determine what amounts of various nutrients each avocado will provide you.

For those who eat avocados regularly, they have been known to have higher levels of Vitamin E and Magnesium flowing through their body. That is the way God made natural substances to work inside you.

Avocados are well known for their anti-inflammatory benefits, and numerous other benefits for various organs and systems in your body.

As you can see, there is much more to an avocado than meets the eye. Does this mean if you eat an avocado, you are going to be instantly healthy? No. But if you start eating them on a more regular basis, you will begin to experience an overall sense of well being. And no, you would not want to live on avocados alone, although, you can find many ways to prepare them in making all kinds of meals, and even dips for healthy snacks.


If you can find organic foods, you will also benefit by not having all kinds of toxins sprayed on your food while it is growing, stored and shipped. Non-organic foods will have toxins in them. If they are heavily sprayed, that is just the way it is.

Not everyone can afford organic. Do the best you can, and be sure to pray to God over your food to purify it for you.


Getting back to the scientists; when they find a single component or compound inside a natural growing substance; then isolate it; then synthesize it, and then form it into some kind of a pill; that pill is not a natural growing substance. Neither will it have all the other natural compounds found in that herb, or bark or root or some food stuff like the avocado in which it was originally found.

For an example, there a flavonoids in avocado. Say a scientist found a great benefit from the epicatechin or the epigallocatechin 3-0 gallate found in the avocado. They would extract that substance from the avocado; figure out how to synthesize it, where they can then patent it, and put it out in the marketplace for consumption.

But remember from reading above about all the other substances and nutrients that are in a real, natural growing avocado? The scientist does not even consider any of those compounds when manufacturing their pill. All those other nutrients make the avocado a whole food, where your body can handle it very well.

As with everything, certain people are allergy sensitive to many things – even common, natural foods. One of the reasons for these sensitivities is because of the synthetic concentrated substances that have been made in the laboratory, manufactured into a pill or potion and then pumped out into the marketplace and consumed by you.

Because all these synthetics vary in so many ways, and because so many people are on various kinds of drugs, and because during the manufacturing of most general store bought foods, many artificial substances are added to them too.

With all this hodgepodge, jumbled up mess inside a person's body, the doctors can not keep up with all the side effects they carry into each individual. Many artificial additives and other synthetics can stay in your body, stashed in fat cells and other places for years if you are not taking specific natural things to eliminate them.

Individual Human Particularities

Because every human body has its own particularities, it can be difficult to figure out what causes many of these allergic reactions and other side effects. If you pay attention to drug commercials, and listen to what they say, and not just look at the colorful scenery, or the people laughing and playing, you will see how deadly their concoctions and snake oils can be. It amazes me that so many people can not wait to get to their doctor after watching these misleading commercials and tell their doctor to immediately write them a prescription.

When Did Paid Actors Become Your Doctor?

Since when did these commercials from the pharmaceutical companies become your doctor? Hopefully you realize those are paid actors in those commercials. And what a sales pitch. Come buy our drugs, and we will make sure you will be on them for the rest of your life. Just give us your credit card number, and we will have them shipped directly to your front door every month.

Why consider figuring out how to cure your body, when you can just take our drugs and make us sticking, filthy rich?

Try This, Or This, Or This, Or This – Something Will Eventually Do Something

What do the doctors tell you when they write you out a prescription? If that one does not work, just come back in; pay me for another office visit, maybe a couple more tests, and we will fix you up with another drug. If that one messes you up too, we will give you another, and another and another. We have a full arsenal to combat your body with all kinds of synthetics, toxins and poisonous substances – some may even kill you.

But not to worry.

The pharmaceutical and medical industries have excellent lawyers and insurance companies to pay for any mishap you may have; that is, if you have the money to hire your own lawyer, and take them on with their multi-billion dollar coffers.

It is really something how they can pay off millions in fines and court costs without blinking an eye. But when you consider the billions they make off of your pain and trauma from convincing you to take their snake oil, and the money they make off all their daily drug users, the millions are nothing but chump change to them.

And you wonder why you do not understand why your body has issues that are difficult for you to explain, or you are embarrassed to talk about? Or are you tired of hearing your doctor, in a round about way, or straight up, tell you –it is all in your head! Thank you for paying me a hundred or two just to tell you that.

Growing In Blacktop

Did you ever try to plant a seed in blacktop? Why not? Do you really think you need natural soil to grow things? Why not just use something synthetic like blacktop. Wait for a very hot day, and smash those seeds right into that blacktop. Then you might as well just wait for it to rain before you make sure it gets watered. Or maybe concoct some substance with liquid plumber; maybe pour some other artificial substances in with it; maybe some Windex or liquid furniture polish. Water your seeds that are in the blacktop with that.

Oh, you say, that is just plain stupid.Yes it is. There is no way a seed could grow in that kind of environment. How much more sensitive should you be towards your own body? Why would you put anything in your body that will not specifically help it to grow, and rejuvenate, and flourish in healthy, meaningful ways? Why put anything in your body that will not profit or benefit it?

Wake Up And Smell The Roses

But the ones behind these drugs are professionals, right? Who am I to question their authority?

A better question is: who are you not to question everything that has to do with your individual, personal and private life? Who are you, that you would agree to pay them month after month for drugs, when you can do your own research, and find out how to get your own body back to normal and balanced out? Why would you want to let them turn you into a drug addict? That is exactly what they do.

Slow down. Stop, and smell the roses. Do you know why that saying started? Because there are therapeutic qualities in the fragrance of a rose, as well as in many other naturally growing plants that can also benefit you in different ways. So can color.

A Whole Different Feel

Maybe you notice it when you walk into a nursery filled with flowers and other plants. You were just outside, usually surrounded by concrete, blacktop, glass, pollution and other artificial substances, noise and other racket. Then you step into a nursery, and how different you feel. Unless you are letting your life run as fast as you can make it go, you still can sense the difference when you walk into a well laid out nursery. Even when you leave the city and go into the forest. You know you do not feel the same. What does that tell you? Or did you let yourself get addicted to the artificial?

Too Late

If you are very young, you may not realize it yet. For some young folks, and for most of us that are getting older, you know if you do not have your health, you miss out on so much good, fun and worthwhile living.

Too many people take for granted what they have. When it is too late, is often when people finally realize how good things really were. If you already experienced this, and found out the hard way, my heart truly goes out to you. I know many times I did not truly appreciate what I had, until my personal decisions removed certain things from my life. Thankfully, I learned not to take what is important to me for granted.

If you are noticing your health is not what it once was, and do not know what to do about it – keep reading. If you think everything is great, including your health right now; be very careful. You are in the same place most very sick people have been in their past.

You Are What You Eat - Sort Of

Are you what you eat? To a great extent – yes. What you eat and drink will have certain regulating factors determining the quality of your life right now, and in the years to come. You do not have to agree with that, or believe it; time tells all things if you like it or not. How many people do you know that waiting too long to realize this? Are you one of them yet?

There are many individuals that have said: I'm just going to eat what ever I want to.

You can certainly do that. You also probably have a friend or relative that had the same sentiments, and ended up in a very painful and unhealthy condition, and maybe even unnecessarily died before their time.

When you boil off the water from your personal ideas and assumptions about your life and future, you will find the facts of life, which you may, or may not like. If you want to be realistic and honest with yourself, you will look around you and see many people who never thought they would ever suffer with the medical complications they now have. How many times did they say: it will never happen to me. Oops. I guess I spoke too soon.

How many people do you know who take so many different drugs, you wonder how they can still fit in meals? Just because a person is alive, does not mean they have a quality life. Just because people take drugs and are still alive, does not mean they are enjoying it.

Keep Your Eye On The Whole Picture – As Much As You Can, Anyway

Looking forward to a bright and joyous future for yourself and those you care about is great. Just make sure you are taking in the whole picture when you look into your current and future. There are threats all around you that are working against your future prosperity and goodness. You can not let those elements hinder you from making your life every bit it can become; the only one that can stop you from making wise decisions in every area of your life – is you.

Do Not Cut Yourself Short – Why Would You Want To?

It is important, time to time, to blot out everything around you, and see you for who you really are, and focus in on where you want to get in this life. Are you fulfilling your goals from the past? Are you still dreaming? Are you still hoping? Are you still pursuing? Do you know where you want to eventually get? Are you taking the proper steps to get there? Even if there are some detours along the way?

It is essential that you seriously look inside to see what you are made of. You can not expect those around you to bring you into a fulfilling life. Sadly, many people you let close to you will hinder you from reaching what is important for you to obtain in this life. Do you know what God desires for you? If not, why not?

Who Is That Person In That Video – Where Is Their Head?

If you saw a video of yourself for a whole day; a whole week; would you notice who that is? Would you be seen living the life you say you want for yourself? Would you be pursuing the life you say is important to you? Would you see the person you tell others you are? Or would you not even recognize the person – you – in the video? Would you be calling that person a hypocrite? Clueless? Without focus? Honesty can be a real trip, especially if you are living a lie.

Kitchen Table Health

Health does not start and stop at the kitchen table. Health has to do with every bit of who you are; inside and out.

How do you really view yourself and your life – the real you? Everyone wears at least a few masks; that is, unless they really understand who they are as an individual. Most people think the masks protect them in some way or various ways.

I am very familiar with masks. I used to wear numerous masks, and there were days where I would wear as many as 8 or 9 different ones; it would depend on who I was with; what environment I was in; and how I felt at any particular moment. It is easy to notice when others are wearing them when you are personally experienced with them.

Sadly, people that are still wearing masks do not want to hear about it because they still think their masks keep them safe. They still think there is no other way to live their life. They choose to live in that uncomfortable “comfort zone”.

Thank God, I looked to Him, and found the answers I was looking for, and let Him make me whole. It has been years since I wore a mask, and it sure makes life so much more worth living. I guess the greatest benefit is being truly free. That is what Truth does. It does not set you free – the Truth makes you free.

When you reach that point, you will understand the difference. If you already experienced it, you already know the difference.

A Dastardly Environment Like Never Before

In a world that is exceedingly and abundantly increasing in craft, deceit and malignity, you can not sit back and feed off the tv, or waste your life in other mindless activities.

It is essential that you search for Truth in every area of your life. If you refuse to do so, others will mold you and your life in how they want you to live it. You can believe this or not; that is just the way it is. This is another one of those things that too many people take for granted until it is gone.

Today, we are living in a whole different kind of world from what we had just 50 years ago. The ways dastardly actions and activities have escalated, and greatly accelerated since the turn of the century, have entered into levels no generation has ever before experienced since the creation of the human race. If you are just sitting back, watching the world go by, it will take you down, and you will not like the results it will force you into. This is not an environment where you want to find yourself as a spectator or spineless.

Whole Health

Being healthy is not based on just the foods you eat and the things you drink; but rather, how you live your entire life; every aspect of your life.

Many people will tell you, you can not be at peace in this world.

Many people will tell you, you should be agitated for all kinds of reasons.

Many people will tell you it is normal to feel uneasy, vulnerable and nervous in various situations.

Many people will tell you, you can not have a joy deep in your soul that can sustain you no matter what happens to you, or around you. This does not mean certain events will not sadden you, but you can still have that deep seated joy that sustains that peace in your soul regardless what is happening.

Many people will tell you it is normal to snap at others if they attack your character. They will say: Go ahead, and put them in their place.

On the contrary, if you really know who you are; where you have been; where you are in your life right now; and where you are going when this world is done and over; when you understand, know, and live according to high values, genuine courtesy and honesty; when you pay attention and live responsibly; when you are able to calmly and intelligently reason things out, you will know when someone is attacking you falsely, and you will overlook such shortcomings of others.

Many will tell you to hate those that hurt or hate you. They are not worthy of your love.

Many do not realize there are people that do not know any better; there are many that do not have an honest realization of what they are doing when it comes to moral judgment and ethical standards; and there are many people who do not know how to respond when they are truly respected and genuinely loved. Many people do not realize genuine love also means being upfront and truthful with others, even if the truths are uncomfortable or inconvenient at times.

Many people will tell you combative and shielding reactions are normal responses.

But are they? Who said so? And what are they basing their premises on?

Or have we become so cold, or bitter or numb, that we simply bit into a lie; a lie that is stopping us in our tracks from reaching the level in life where you can be in perfect peace with yourself, with your surroundings, and with God, no matter what?

So What Comes After This Letter?

These are just some of the areas we will be discussing when it comes to wholesome health, and living a full and gratifying life. Just realize, or at least keep an open mind to the idea that the condition of every organ and system in your body, which includes the place where principles are weighed; where emotional responses are decided; where attitude comes from; what your frame of mind is; what determines your outlook, and how responsible you choose to be for your own actions and thoughts; these, and many other factors will determine the kind of health you will have, or will not have.

What Else Will Be Discussed?

The typical areas that are commonly discussed when health is talked about, but various other areas that ought to be brought up, and given serious and personal thought for the purpose of enhancing your life through your thoughts and various perspectives.

Of course, we will be going over general maintenance. The nuts and bolts on what to do, what to use, what to make, what to grow and how to use these things to benefit you in all kinds of ways. We may even get into a few recipes.

If you have certain medical issues, we may get into more advanced discussions later on. And since I am not a doctor, I have to be careful what suggestions are made, and how they are made.

If you did not hear, the NSA has grown very big ears, along with numerous other governmental agencies that work hard to make it difficult for us to function at reasonable levels.

Privacy? What Is That?

Privacy has become a relic from the past like 8 track tapes because too many people have taken their rights and privacy for granted. Because there are not enough people who will stand up and defend their rights, they have been horribly whittled away.

Basics Of Real Life

But for right now, it is essential to get caught up to speed on the basic fundamentals of life, and how to live successfully in this odd world we currently find ourselves in. Getting through the daily grind successfully and enthusiastically, and looking forward to waking up to the next day – a new day – the first day to the rest of your life.

Since no one really knows when they are going to check out of this life, it is important that you make the most of today. You do not want to live with regrets; at least, not many of them.


Oh yeah. The cost? $17.76. That was a very good year. It is worth more, but there are many people scrimping these days just to make ends meet, and who are looking for alternative ways to stay healthy, and others that want to regain their health. There will be links to certain websites to benefit you in various ways. Final editing on this book should be around the end of May and ready for release. This website is up now so the search engines can start listing this site. 


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